AC Business Media (ACBM) appoints new CEO, Ron Spink, to drive digital transformation. Having previously served as CEO and founder of SpinKorp LLC, Spink has led a national media consultancy focused on transformative digital product strategy.

AC Business Media Appoints New CEO
Ron Spink, Chief Executive Officer, ACBM

During his professional career, Spink has acquired 30 years of experience in executive media and management roles, specializing in driving reinvention of brand and product through digital strategy, data integration, and performance marketing innovation.

Leading ACBM, Spink will be tasked with diversifying ACBM’s portfolio and growing its range of demand generation and marketing services; events, online and continuing education capabilities; as well as ACBM’s legacy digital and print branded solutions.

Spinks’ skills, coupled with his prior experience leading brand, product, and revenue expansion as Executive Vice President for Hanley Wood media — an integrated B2B information & solution provider for the housing and building construction sector — makes Ron Spink the perfect person for this position.

As ACBM embarks on its next voyage, Ron Spink has implemented the internal phrase: Citius, Altius, Fortius (Fasted, Higher, Stronger), Together — a phrase utilized by the Olympic games since 1894, with the addition of Together in July of 2021.

Join ACBM as we give Ron Spink a warm welcome to the team!


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