The only turnkey, demand platform that has stress-tested the best of the 2,611 lead providers that target the United States, to deliver only the highest-quality, B2B “hand-raising leads” in ANY vertical market, at virtually ANY level of volume.

BlackBoxLG allows you to sell – or purchase – leads from a single source provider built around a network of the top 1.5% of lead generation databases and providers. Each tested for the highest performance & quality.

Screened Network of Lead Providers

Of the over 2,600 lead generation providers in the United States – only roughly 37 companies have passed our stringent tests for quality and performance.

Any Demos - Any Volume

BlackBoxLG can mix and match providers to create “the best of the best” demographic targeting – with virtually no limit on volume in ANY B2B industry. All paired with group negotiated, flat rate pricing.

Content Fueled Permission

Each of BlackBoxLG lead generation partner must agree to dedicated landing pages that force HAND RAISING leads around client content. No fluff. No BS. Only leads that engage – and matter.


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