Lead Generation Services

IRONMARKETS brings you our suite of lead generation services that applies a content & information centric approach to demand generation — driving over 3x as many leads as traditional marketing efforts.

ENTENT - Lead Generation Services

Our Lead Generation Services:


Drives high-intent, buyer-centric, Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) DIRECTLY into equipment dealer’s sales funnels – allowing them to stay focused on prospects that engage and convert.


ENTENT Fusion Dealer Lead Tracker
An easy-to-use CRM platform designed for companies with two-step distribution and allows full transparency into your dealer’s sales funnel — enabling you to deliver (and track) leads from marketing campaigns, tradeshows, and more.
*Completely independent of our media solutions, these leads are solely yours/your dealers


Subscription-based demand-gen product that drives a mixture of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, & Timeline) leads into your sales funnel – providing a mixture of prospects to nurture, and prospects who are in market and actively considering new products and services.


A full-service, incentive-based lead program that drives engagement through contest and sweepstakes offers that direct audiences towards action.


Improves brand engagement by attracting prospects through high value, consumable media. Your brand benefits from positioning as an industry thought leader, and subject matter expert (SME) to your targeted demographic of ideal buyers.


Webinars & Seminars allow content creators the ability to host live and on-demand online education to targeted audiences and drive response. ​

Position your brand as a recognized thought leader in a format that inspires new prospects and nurtures existing possibilities through your sales funnel.


Fuel your lead funnel FAST by converting existing video and webinar content into marketing qualified lead (MQL) generators. 



Drive Engagement Through the Funnel

During a six-month campaign, IRONMARKETS’ lead generation program resulted in $500,000 in sales for a client.

The evolution of engagement and funnel-driven customer conversations:

Place prospects down the sales funnel, vy utilizing ENTNET, the lead generation platform designed for your industry.


Through IRONMARKETS' unparalleled reach and unchallenged engagement, clients can reach their target prospect by providing relevance and insights in exchange for time and permission.

90% of prospective buyers

are finding custom and/or product-specific contextual content extremely useful.

82% of prospects feel more positive

about a company after reading or viewing specific custom content relating to the organization.

78% perceive a relationship

with an organization after directly engaging in high value content.

A Lead Generation Platform Designed for Your Industry

Use a variety of content to create permission-based opportunities with top prospects at each stage of the journey. Wield the power of the platform designed directly for your industry:


ENTENT, a lead generation platform, dsigned for the construction industry.
Built for the Construction Industry
Created for the End-to-End Supply Chain
GIP ENTENT, a lead generation platform, designed for the landscaping industry.
Developed for the Landscaping Community
Designed for the OEM Ecosystem

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