Nick Raether

Vice President of Operations & IT
Nick Raether

Position: Vice President of Operations & IT

Responsibility: IT & Operation Strategy

Experience: 16 Years


Leadership is an action, not a position.

Donald McGannon


Digital Operations Strategy10 Years
Strategic Business-Focused IT Skills10 Years
Project Management10 Years

Personal Experience

Nick Raether utilizes a decade of Information Technology experience and his business-driven technical skillset to lead Digital Operations and technical infrastructure for IRONMARKETS, formerly known as AC Business Media. In his multi-faceted role, Nick oversees IT and Infrastructure strategy, manages the day-to-day Digital Operations team and workflow, and works with the Executive management team to create technical solutions to facilitate digital and data product growth.  

Nick has played a key role in new technological advances implementations at IRONMARKETS and has led the integrations of many new systems and acquired print and digital properties. 

Nick enjoys triathlons, marathons, pheasant & deer hunting, hiking, coaching and mentoring youth sports and athletes in his spare time.