Caterpillar Inc. has revived The Cat Trials, a series of eight short films demonstrating the capabilities of the company’s machines through different challenges. Launched in 2014, The Cat Trials included an 8-ton game of Jenga® carried out by five operators utilizing different Cat equipment and building a sandcastle over 41 ft. tall, both winning Guinness World Records. Now, six years later, Caterpillar is at it again with the release of The Cat Trial #9: PAC-MAN™ released on October 20, 2020.

Cat Trial #9

With the original Trials, using Caterpillar equipment as the star of the show, the company set out to
educate the public on the equipment’s cutting-edge capabilities for precision and maneuverability.
With The Cat Trial #9: PAC-MAN™, the concentration is on Caterpillar’s services in the form of in-game power pellets representing Cat Customer Value Agreements, Repair Options, Cat Financial, and the Cat App, while appealing to the next generation of operators.

“In an industry that is struggling to find skilled operators right now, we wanted to showcase what work
will look like in the future for the construction industry,” said Victoria Keese Morrissey, Global
Marketing and Brand Director at Caterpillar, Inc. “Our future operators and technicians are people
who play video games today. We wanted to show them that what you can do in the virtual world, you
can do in the real world—and that’s going to help bring in the next generation of workers to the

The partnership was a win-win for Bandai Namco, creator of PAC-MAN™, as the brand is taking part
in a year-long celebration commemorating the 40 years the game has been a part of pop culture.

“PAC-MAN™ has been a household name for four decades now and we hope this video will inspire a
new generation of both gamers and equipment operators to ‘Join The PAC’ and share in the
excitement of the game for another forty years,” said Yasuo Miyakawa, Chief PAC-MAN™ Officer for
Bandai Namco Entertainment, owners of the PAC-MAN™ brand. 

The idea to merge Caterpillar products and PAC-MAN™ came from the success of previous trials.

“This is our 95th anniversary year,” said J. Archie Lyons, Brand Strategy and Activation Creative
Director of The Cat Trials. “We looked back and said, what do our fans really love? The Cat Trials
program. Automation and services were key topics people wanted to see, so what better way to show
automation than PAC-MAN™. It’s been fun to integrate the two brands together.” 

During the video, five players race their machines around an exact 3D replica of the iconic PAC-MAN™ board to simulate gameplay of the original arcade game. The movement is all done through
remote control operation far above the constructed maze, utilizing 236D3 skid steer loaders from The
Cat Rental Store.

It took a Caterpillar 336 Next Gen Excavator 70 man-hours to dig the actual gameboard, utilizing
6,880 yards of cut dirt to dig the maze and berm for a total of 5,300 tons of earth. The inside height of
the walls measure 4 ft. high with an overall gameboard size of 162.4 by 180.4 ft.

“We look at PAC-MAN™ as a construction site,” Lyons said.  “The ghosts are the challenges our
customers face every day, you never know what is around the corner, just like PAC-MAN™ doesn’t.
He [PAC-MAN™] uses power pellets to take on the challenges, and we [Caterpillar] offer up CAT
dealer services.” 

Players for Trial 9 included:

  • PAC-MAN™: Customer – Jim Kosner, JIMAX – Landscaping & Demolition/Operates Cat Remote Equipment
  • Blinky: NASCAR/RCR eSports – Joey Stone – Drives the #8 Cat Car on the virtual track
  • Inky: Customer – Alfonso Farjardo of Horsepower Site Survey – Global Operator Challenge Regional Finalist
  • Pinky: Social Influencer – BLITZ – YouTube Gaming Content Creator and Civil Engineer
  • Clyde: Social Influencer/Customer – Tom Gardocki – The Dirt Ninja

The creation of the video was fun and educational for everyone involved, especially for famous YouTube gamer, Blitz.

“My earliest gaming moment was playing PAC-MAN™ with my mom at the laundromat,” BLITZ who plays Pinky in the video said. “I grew up around the construction industry and have both engineering and skid steer operating experience and the transition was seamless from moving a gaming joystick in my office to a remote one here. Controlling actual construction equipment this way is a very cool and very easy transition.” 

Whether you’re a skilled equipment operator, video game enthusiast or just enjoy watching two minutes of fun, The Cat Trial #9: PAC-MAN™ is sure to bring enjoyment to your day. Watch for yourself here:


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Born on May 22, 1980, PAC-MAN™ immediately rose to meteoric popularity, first in video game
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appearances throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. With a brand recognition rate of 90% around the
world, PAC-MAN’s™ image and brand continues to be one of the most beloved and recognized on
the planet.
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