IRONMARKETS Announces Launch of BlackBoxLG, the Only Turn-Key Demand Platform that Allows Partners to Create a Scaled Lead Generation Business Overnight

IRONMARKETS introduces BlackBoxLG, a full-service, backend solution that empowers media companies, agencies, associations, and independent reps with the turnkey creation of a direct-to-market lead generation business – delivering only the highest-quality, B2B ‘hand-raising leads’ in any vertical market, at virtually any level of volume.

IRONMARKETS, formerly known as AC Business Media, is proud to announce the launch of BlackBoxLG – a turnkey, demand platform that allows agencies, media companies, associations and independent reps to sell – or purchase – from a single source provider built around a network of the top 1.5% of lead generation databases in the United States.

The dedicated team behind BlackBoxLG has interviewed and screened over 2,600 lead generation providers through a labor-intensive process that includes a “75-Point” inspection around quality assurance, database integrity, and a ‘permission-only’ metric evaluation. This process is continuous, as lead generation providers are reevaluated every six-months to ensure the highest-quality, B2B ‘hand-raising’ leads.

“With BlackBox Lead Generation, you’re choosing a partner with a proven track record of excellence, employing stringent inspections to ensure the highest quality and integrity in lead generation,” said Jim Bagan, Vice President, Demand Generation & Education, IRONMARKETS. “Our goal is to produce top-tier quality leads in any B2B market, allowing for rapid, repeatable revenue growth. Let us be your silent partner in dramatically growing your revenue through high-quality, volume-based lead generation, all while protecting your core business and expanding your market reach.”

Of over 2,600 lead generation providers in the United States vetted – only roughly 37 companies have passed BlackBoxLG’s stringent tests for quality and performance, resulting in over 165 million viable lead opportunities.

From here, BlackBoxLG can mix and match providers to create “the best of the best” demographic targeting – with virtually no limit on volume in any B2B industry.

The full-service, backend solution allows clients to build new direct revenue streams for their company, with no increased cost and without impacting privacy compliance.

“Selling volume-based lead gen programs and filling sales pipelines is a critical revenue stream for media companies, marketing agencies, and associations to build product around,” said Ron Spink, Chief Executive Officer, IRONMARKETS. “Until now, barriers to entry and database fatigue were too high to get this done without massive investment. BlackBoxLG democratizes the ability to execute on that offering using a white label approach. Our partners can focus on selling and strategy with their clients – and gaining straight margin by utilizing a proven, plug-and-play solution.”

In the launch phase, BlackBoxLG Consultative Services can also help partners with competitive market pricing, sales pitches, decks, and Go-To-Market strategies for all environments. This program can include sales training and full-service, strategic marketing services to augment content programs based on bandwidth and growth demands.

“Our comprehensive support extends beyond lead delivery; we provide consultative services to develop your go-to-market strategies and enhance your team’s skills, ensuring your lead generation efforts are a success,” said Bagan.

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About BlackBoxLG
BlackBoxLG is a demand & engagement solution product wholly owned by IRONMARKETS and ACBM, LLC – a leading business to business and buyer engagement platform suite. The solution is the only turnkey, demand platform that has stress-tested the best of the 2,611 lead providers that target the United States, to deliver only the highest-quality, B2B “hand-raising leads” in ANY vertical market, at virtually ANY level of volume. BlackBoxLG allows you to sell – or purchase – leads from a single source provider built around a network of the top 1.5% of lead generation databases and providers. To learn more, visit

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